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The Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA) is a national organisation led by a passionate board of directors from diverse backgrounds.

AWIA represents one of the country's most thriving creative industries and offers many opportunities to get involved, from becoming a member or sponsor to connecting with our board. We welcome all who wish to take part.

Our history

Beginning in Western Australia in 2002, AWIA’s history has transformed the web and digital industry in Australia.

Our purpose

The AWIA collective embodies the ethical and professional spirit of our industry, encompassing a diverse array of roles including developers, designers, hosts, managers, consultants, SEOs, marketers, system admins, content providers, and social media experts.

We believe in empowering our members to:

  • Connect with peers and form professional relationships

  • Expand their skill sets

  • Build successful businesses

  • Create positive impact in their communities

  • Engage in meaningful discussions

  • And of course, have a good time.

What we do

Well-managed professional associations have the power to accomplish things that individuals cannot. They can initiate programs and campaigns, shape the perception of an industry for businesses, government, students, and the public at large, and even influence profitability.

But we need your help to get everything in order.

This is YOUR association – let’s turn AWIA into something you’re proud to belong to. And something that gives you real benefits.

Join AWIA today and let's build a community we can all be proud to be a part of. Together, we can ensure your voice is heard and your industry is well-represented.

Join the Australian Web Industry and help shape our digital future


The Australian Web Awards

The Australian Web Awards is the perfect platform that celebrates the exceptional work of web professionals across Australia. Since its inception over a decade ago, the awards have grown from a few categories to a nationally recognised gala event held in major cities.

AWIA is overseen by in-demand industry professionals

AWIA's board of directors is made up of web professionals from a variety of backgrounds who convene monthly to plan events and organise the Australian Web Awards. They come from all over Australia and are highly sought after in their respective fields.

Become a sponsor

Do you want to connect with Australia's web industry professionals? AWIA sponsors can promote their products or services and build strong ties within the community through our events and programs.

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Empowering all Australians in the web industry

The Australian Web Industry Association is one of the largest dedicated web industry associations, with members across Australia specialising in development, design, SEO, content, digital marketing and more.