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search with creativity, search with soul.

Agency: 11 - 25 Employees

627 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia 3141



    We are a premier organic search agency based in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart & Manilla, with a focus in the fields of fashion, beauty, wellness, home and lifestyle.

    At a time when competition is everywhere,

    the only option is to get strong and skilled.

    All too often, we see short-changed relationships, cookie-cutter solutions, condescending interactions, and strategies devoid of innovation.

    Sadly, this malpractice has become common practice.

    We’re helping our clients boycott the bad stuff that’s out there.

    We put generosity and imagination at the heart of our offer – and that’s what makes us different.

    We’re not here to replace your marketing strategy.

    We’re here to take it to new heights.

    We take the time to learn our client’s business, each and every time.

    We’re taking the guesswork out of digital marketing and replacing it with data.

    We infuse creativity and unbridled innovation into every step of the process.

    We’re replacing black box communication holes with transparency and warmth.

    We do digital, with a human touch.

    House Of Psalm is here to set a new standard for our industry.

    Everything we do is quality tailored and infused with creativity.

    In our landscape, details matter. We sweat them, live them and breathe them.

    So, you can stop swimming in backlinks and get back to crushing your goals.

    We’re here to put integrity into the agency model.

    We’re here to lead with soul.

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